blue dot linux

A minimalinux system that can rebuild itself and is a ttylinux build system.
blue dot linux currently in very early stages of development.
Ref: and ttylinux

blue dot linux is distributed as a scriptibution:
=> It is a project of scripts that build a Linux distribution.
=> No binaries are distributed.
=> bandwidth issues are reduced.

This scriptibution will download needed source packages from the maintainers' sites and build a small Linux system into a local directory, a partition on disk, flash or spinning, or make a CD-ROM ISO image. When building on a 32-bit system a 32-bit blue dot linux system is built. When building on an x86_64 system an x86_64 blue dot linux system is built.

This project is a set of scripts that implement a mostly Linux From Scratch build with a heavy Maurice influence, and is used (when it becomes capable) by Douglas as his primary desktop Linux workstation that is used for developing ttylinux. [My current system is a home-made Linux workstation and this project is an update of that system captured in shell scripts.]

Blame Paul for the "scriptibution" word.

=> Builds a much too small system.
=> Has gcc and g++.
=> Builds a root file system and a kernel.
=> After building you can chroot to it or build your own bootable ISO image.

My next step is to add the build of a bootable CR-ROM ISO image; I plan to use SquashFS. The /etc/fstab file currently is not correct for booting; you need to set it up for your own bootable system.

The latest version for intrepid and curious peoples is bdlinux-0.1.tar.bz2
Try the download mirror at if you have problems downloading from